Network Automation & Programmability Survey
This is a brief survey on the topics of network automation and programmability. My plan is to gather what people are doing and thinking. Ultimately, I'd love to make sure my focus areas are aligned to others out there too! I am also prepping for a few presentations and would love to have this kind of data to share with others. While vendors and analysts have tons of this kind of data, I want "real" data although this sampling will be at a much smaller scale.

Full intentions on sharing the results should you want to see it. Let me know below.

Feel free to share with your peers as well. The greater the sampling, the better visibility it'll give all of us into some of these newer trends and tools.

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What network automation tools are you currently using or considering? *
If you selected "Other" in the previous question, what tool(s) are you using or considering?
If you are not pursuing network automation for more than a side project, why?
Why are you exploring or using network automation? *
What are you trying to automate (Pick top two)? *
What type of equipment are you trying to automate? *
Can you provide more detail on the models of devices of the vendors selected in the previous question?
Which one of the following would you use for deployment services for an automation project? *
In what place in the network, are you using or considering network automation (select top 2)?
How many nodes are in scope of what you are trying to automate? *
Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experiences, journey, or general thoughts and questions with regards to network automation? Anything you'd like can go here...
What industry/vertical are you in?
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