Publishing software survey
Microcosm is excited to announce that we're developing a publishing title management web-based software program for book publishers. The service will allow publishing houses of all sizes to manage:
- products and inventory
- royalties and authors
- accounting
- orders and ecommerce
- print runs
While we’ve been using this software in-house to great effect, we’d love to learn your thoughts. Help us create the next generation of publishing software!

Your responses will be kept confidential.

If you have any questions, please drop us an email:
More info at
Thank you!
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About how many hours per month do you currently spend using software for managing your business (metadata, accounting, royalties, inventory, etc)
About how much money do you currently spend per month on software for managing your business (metadata, accounting, royalties, inventory, etc)
What do you like best about your current software system(s)? *
What do you like least about your current software system(s)? *
Are there any systems that you're absolutely married to and would need any new software to integrate with vs migrate from? Why?
Which of these features would you be able to use immediately if offered as part of WorkingLit? (choose all that apply) *
Which of these features do you foresee using within the next 5 years? (choose all that apply) *
What are your biggest needs? What do the current available software tools that you use lack? *
For our initial launch of WorkingLit (including: title databasing, order management, accounting, and royalty reporting), we are considering these rates: Free for up to 5 titles, $25/month for 6-25 titles, $50/month for 26-100 titles, $249/month up to 500 titles, $499/month for up to 1000 titles, $999/month for over 1000 titles *
What would be the most appealing features of WorkingLit for your publishing company? *
Want to stay informed about our progress with WorkingLit? We'll send out occasional pre-release announcements to interested publishers. Can we add you to that list? *
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