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Our food blogger conferences and tasting events are a deliciously cost-effective platform for your brand to engage influencers, build brand awareness and generate buzz.

Unlike “destination” conferences and events where brands get lost amid the shuffle, we provide you with a unique opportunity to embed your story and engage food bloggers/culinary content creators (as well as traditional media and savvy influencers) on a peer-to-peer level.

TECHmunch is a pro blogger event. Attendees are seasoned with extensive reach through their online platforms. The event is not a consumer tasting event or general blogger conference. At TECHmunch you'll meet 100-150 top food influencers in a large media market. We limit each event to no more than 10 sponsors, giving you one-on-one access to top food media (traditional, digital and social).

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The TECHmunch network is integrated directly with the community of millions of home cooks. Your TECHmunch Conference sponsorship can be tied to activations and branded content campaigns that leverage’s sought after demographic. Opportunities include branded recipes/cookbooks, live-streaming shows and recipe contests featuring your product(s).
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