2017 Awards Nomination Form

The Awards Committee of PSAHPERD is soliciting nominations for several of the awards given annually by PSAHPERD.
These awards recognize PSAHPERD members and lay persons who have provided the state of Pennsylvania with outstanding contributions in the areas of physical education, health, recreation, dance, coaching, or contributions to women’s sports.


ELMER B. COTTRELL AWARD: The highest award given by PSAHPERD, presented to recognize exceptional service and leadership to PSAHPERD and to the profession.

PROFESSIONAL HONOR AWARD: (Maximum of 6/year). Recognizes PSAHPERD members who have contributed greatly to the Association and to the profession.

LAYMAN AWARD: (Need not be a PSAHPERD member). Honors a citizen of the state of Pennsylvania who has given meritorious service to the cause of HPERD.

ETHEL G. ENCKE AWARD: Honors a person who has given exceptional service and leadership to the profession.

LEGISLATIVE HONOR AWARD: Recognizes a person, group or organization from outside the profession who has supported and promoted the mission and goals of PSAHPERD. Honors nominees at the local, state or federal level of government who has advocated for quality programs and activities in Health, Physical Education, Recreation or Dance.

DANCE EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR: Honors a dance educator who has made significant contributions to the profession. This award is given in two categories – K-12 and College/University.

HEALTH EDUCATORS OF THE YEAR: Given in three categories – K-12, College/University, Public/Commercial/Business/Industry/Workplace. Honors health educators who have made significant contributions to the profession.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS OF THE YEAR: Given in four categories – Elementary, Middle School, High School, College/University. Honors physical educators who are deemed to be outstanding with regard to their knowledge, application of pedagogy, and contributions to the profession.

HERITAGE AWARDS: Recognizes women who have made outstanding contributions to women’s sports.

DMA EXCELLENCE IN COACHING AWARD: Recognizes men who have demonstrated a philosophy that is consistent with positive educational values as well as high moral and ethical standards as a coach.

ATHLETIC DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR: Honors athletic administrators who are recognized in the community as an educated leader and who maintains athletics as an integral part of the total education program.

TEACHER/PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR IN RECREATION: Given in three categories – Community/School based, Therapeutic/Geriatric, Outdoor Related. Honors a person who has demonstrated exceptional service and leadership to the profession.

ADAPTED PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER OF THE YEAR: Honors a person who has demonstrated exceptional teaching and leadership in the field.

ADAPTED PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION AWARD: Recognizes significant contributions to the promotion of physical activity to individuals with disabilities.

THE HEART AWARD: Given to a member of PSAHPERD who has conducted at least 5 JRFH or HFH events. The recipient of this award must go above and beyond in their dedication to the AHA.

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