Swing By Registration
Registrations are open!!

We will use lindy.plus for registering. https://lindy.plus/

You need to:

1 - Go to My LindyPlus and create an account (a LindyPlus ID will be generated). https://lindy.plus/accounts/login/?next=/my/

2 - If you have a registration partner (not needed but recommended) ask them for their LindyPlus ID number (you will need your partner's ID when registering as a couple). Please note that there will be just one payment per couple.

3 - Go to Swing By school account and press the button “Pre-register”. https://lindy.plus/schools/swing-by/

4 - Select your course and press the button "Register".
- Registrations for Taking Off Fundamentals are automatic.
- For any other course if you are a new student you will have an automatic message telling you that you need a higher level. In that case, please contact us.

5 – If you are placed on the waiting list: As soon as we have a partner for you, you will receive an email telling you that you are out of the waiting list. You can then pay and complete your registration.

Please note that you will not be registered until you have paid on-line by card (pre-registrations doesn't count).

For technical problems contact Lindy.Plus (they have and email hello@lindy.plus and a chat on line at the bottom of their website.

Any other questions? Contact us! :)
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