Complete Coastal Survivor ENG 27-30/8 2020
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From 25th of May 2018, European rules and the General Data Protection Regulation apply, in order to handle your personal data in our systems prior to the course, we also need your consent under that law. You have access to what information we store by email to us, so we reply. You can request that we remove the storage at any time. We also need your permission to store the data abroad when we use cloud service and dropbox.
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The information can be found at and consists in short that an administrative fee of 250 SEK is not refunded and that only half of the course fee is refunded if you denounce you 14 days or closer to one course.
This course can be booked together with 5 days Complete Coastal Hunter Gatherer (ENG) 26-30/8 for £ 86 off. Do you want that? (You must sign up for that course as well, but we notice for discount) *
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