Petition to Reinstate the Mask Mandate at UIUC
We, as workers, students, and community members at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, are appalled with the University’s decision to repeal the in-class mask mandate for Summer 2022. As of  May 12, 2022, the 7-day average COVID-19 positivity rate on campus is 4.14%, there have been 336 cases in the past week, and a new subvariant of Omicron, BA 2.12.1, is poised to become dominant in the US in the next week. While vaccines alone cannot prevent transmission, masks have proven to be very effective in doing so. In spite of these worsening conditions, the University repealed the in-class mask mandate. This decision is deadly.

More than half of people diagnosed with COVID-19 have experienced long COVID-19 symptoms impacting their pulmonary, neurological, and mental health for more than six months post infection. 29,403 of the University's workers and students could be disabled by COVID-19 infection. 3,556,477 adults in Illinois (36.2% of the population) are at high risk for complications or death by COVID-19. Many of us are among these. Many of us could die because of this decision.

We urge the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign to reinstate the mask mandate in classrooms and all indoor university spaces. Our health is not collateral. Our lives are not disposable.


To indicate your support of the above statement, sign your name as you wish it to appear on an email to administrators (e.g. John Doe, Professor)
Autumn Cook, PhD Student
Max Meyer, PhD candidate
Robin Redgate
Elizabeth Kang
Bram Osterhout, PhD Student
Elizabeth Schwartz, GA & TA
Montgomery Tufts
Alina Lusebrink
Finn McFadden
Harrison Price, MS/LIS Student
Alice Simms-Mangian, student.
Halo Goldrosen
Em Nelson
Grace McCourt, graduate student/worker
Jess Larson
Preethi Basani
Dillon Mandera
Maya Crystal, Undergraduate Student
Ada Stelzer
Kayla Blair, Student afraid of ever receiving a covid infection
Avi Hessel, Student
Sara Benson, Associate Professor, University Library and member of University Senates Conference
Ashton Su
Marisa Romanelli, Grad Student
Csilla Moran
Theodore Berlanga, CVM Student
Niko Johnson-Fuller
Lu Kimberly Kissinger, Grad Student
Truc Dinh, undergraduate
Aditi Sharma, Student
Em Warshaw
Amelia Brady, third year undergraduate
Zhe Li, Graduate Student
Erin Haynes
Joel Armas
Lauren Lashley
Savannah Wills
Ivan Velkovsky
Marissa Chase
Marissa Chase
Yida Wang, Student
Jamie Keener, graduate employee
Kevin Murphy, Student
Darien Perkins
Logan Middleton, alumnus
Kadin Henningsen, Graduate Employee
Shawn Gilmore, Senior Lecturer
Sophia Gardner
Dearborn Plys
Margot O’Malley, Undergraduate Student
Alison Green
Frankie Pokorny, Undergraduate Student
Iris M Postma, concerned community member
Evan Price, Student
Victoria Vela
Rebecca Goodman
Andrea Herrera, community member
Abigail Kauppila
Naomi Niekerk
Charles Fogelman, Teaching Assistant Professor
Laurel Nobilette
Aly Cigelnik
Jett Miller
Julia San Miguel, student
Nina Stepaniants, Undergraduate Student
Tessa Sussman, Undergraduate Student
Sydney Wang
Michael Jacobson, undergraduate student
Elizabeth Ducharme
Praveen Sahadewan, Undergraduate
Lane To, graduate student
Camille Bookter
Kerstin Wolf
Kathryn La Barre, Associate Professor, School of Information Sciences
Austin D. Hoffman, PhD Student
Leaf Newman
Crystal Mandal, Undergraduate Student
Hila Keller, alumnus
Xinan Chen, PhD candidate
Eileen Lopez,
Holly Strickland
Carol Tilley, Associate Professor, School of Information Sciences
Jenni Nugent, PhD Candidate
Matthew Turk, Assistant Professor, School of Information Sciences
Mary Ton, Digital Publishing Specialist, University Library
Eva Jeffers, grad worker
Jodi Schneider, Assistant Professor, School of Information Sciences
Becky Smith, Associate Professor
Bruce Reznick, Professor of Mathematics
Gabriel Malo, Teaching Assistant
Kathryn Clancy, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Gay Miller, Professor
Cassie Harbeck, MS Student
Alexa Patsalis, Master's Student and Graduate Assistant for Fall 2022
Alexa Patsalis, Master's Student and Graduate Assistant (Fall 2022) in the School of Information
Julian May-Mann
Rachel Birchmier
Allison Casar
Megan Mericle, PhD candidate
Nachiketa Adhikari, graduate student/worker
Qiuyan Guo, PhD candidate
Sophie Larsen, PhD student
Joella Travis, iSchool alumni (MSLIS ‘18) and concerned community member  
Sarah Hayes, alumnus
Aidan Rivera-Rogers, Undergraduate
Angel D Vanderbilt
Sankalp Kumar, Grad Student
Shengyi Wang, TA
Cassidy Farrar, Masters Student
Nicholas Rohm, JD candidate
Alex Michels, PhD student and RA
Nikhil Khandekar
Kate Wegmann, Associate Professor, School of Social Work
Adam Slafsky
Abhinav Pappu, student
Dhar Mann
Beth Kleimenhagen, Undergraduate
Victoria Barnhouse, postdoc
Kaitlin Skurnak
Sara Wonner, PhD Student
Kavita Desai, RA
Chelsea Birchmier, Graduate Worker
CV Henry
Ying Hillier
Sreelakshmi Suresh, MS student, Dept of Entomology
Lucia, undergraduate student
Amal Al-Rashdan, Undergraduate Student
Juan Lopez, Research Scientist, MRL
Kayla Eichorn, student
Ryan Cordell, Associate Professor, Information Sciences and English
Emily Hastings, PhD candidate
John Paul Meyers, Assistant Professor, African American Studies
eleonora benedetti, undergrad
Lindsey Sharp
Renzo Ledesma, undergraduate student
Alana Ackerman, PhD candidate, Anthropology Department
Rachel Harrison, PhD Student
Sharayah Cochran, PhD Student
lyndsie rice, undergraduate
Deliah El Bekkali
Kathleen Fuller, community member
Patrick Porter, Undergraduate Student
Olivia Butts
Hayley Woodrich, Student
Angela Chan, MS Student
Kathleen Bolan
isra shaikh, undergrad
Anna Wondrasek, Pre-Professional GA
Erin Grogan, PhD student
Cecilia Vaughn-Guy Ph.D student
Kay L. Kirkpatrick, professor
Giselle Palomino, Undergraduate Student
Prithika Ravi
Karla Sanabria-Veaz
Clara Belitz, PhD student and graduate employee
Katherine Frost, student
Ayla Stein Kenfield, Associate Professor
Glen Layne-Worthey, Academic staff, iSchool
Essam Elkorghli, graduate student
Mitchel Civello, PhD Student
Laura Wadleigh, PhD Student
Evangeline Wolanski, Ph.D. Student
Tessa Crosby, graduate employee
Jonas Kroner Yela, MS student and graduate employee
Meg Morrow, PhD student
Brittany Prempin, graduate student
Paul Gilbert, Graduate Student
Taryn Vaughn, PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Jesann Gonzalez Cruz, PhD Candidate
Yang Lu, PhD Student
Doron Grossman-Naples, PhD student
Amy Vandervelde, graduate student
Matthew O'Brien, graduate student
Daniel DeVinney, Graduate worker
Breanna Escamilla, PhD student
Aaron Godwin
Candace Livingston, PhD Student, EPOL
Lesley Owens, PhD Student, Writing Studies
Lance Pittman, alumnus
Andrea Herrera, UIUC Alum 2013
Patrick Hill, PhD Student, RST
Matthew Miller, TA
Nerla Jean-Louis, PhD candidate, CS
Finola McMahon, graduate worker
Heather Ennis, PhD Candidate
Rebeca Agosto, graduate student
Grace Jaffe, PhD student
William Wheeler, PhD student
Elinor Fujimoto, MS, MPH
Ashley Dawson, PhD Student, C&I
Kai Shinbrough, PhD student, Physics
Jessennya Hernandez, PhD candidate and Instructor
Megan Finnegan, MS, PhD Student
Matthew Macomber
Kel Levick
Shubhang Goswami, PhD candidate
Salvador Vargas Salfate
Madeline Udelhofen, undergraduate and student employee

1. Groff, Destin, et al. “Short-Term and Long-Term Rates of Postacute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Infection: A Systematic Review.” JAMA Network Open, vol. 4, no. 10, Oct. 2021, 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2021.28568.
2. Claxton, Gary. “How Many Adults Are at Risk of Serious Illness If Infected with Coronavirus? Updated Data.” KFF, 23 Apr. 2020,
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