Are you a Faculty Member (psych/related areas) Seeking Grad Students Interested in Sexual and Gender Minority Health?
We are compiling a list of faculty members (psychology or related areas) who will be seeking applications this fall for graduate students (to begin Fall 2021). This list is specifically for faculty members who are interested in sexual and gender minority health focused research and/or clinical work. Below are a series of questions that ask about your areas of interest and how potential applicants can find more information about your grad program. This information will be made available through the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Sexual and Gender Minority Special Interest Group's listserv and on social media for potential applicants to access, so be aware that your answers will become public after the survey is completed. Please contact Dr. Jae Puckett at if you have any questions or concerns about this survey. Here you can find prior lists of faculty mentors interested in applicants:
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We compiled this list last year and if you already submitted your information, we can keep the same information from last year if you would like. If you want to update your information, please complete the form again. If you are unsure, here is the list of faculty from last year:
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