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Mind U is a set of concurrent, deep-dive sessions that take place each morning at 9am. You select one, and return to it in that first period each day for the whole of Mindcamp (you go to other stuff for the rest of the day). The total session time is a little over five and a half hours, over four days. Please see http://www.mindcamp.org/sessions-intro/session-list/ for links to a full description of each one, including the maximum number of participants each Mind U program can accommodate.

Please indicate which Mind U you prefer to attend. Mind U's are filled on a first-click, first-served basis, so get your preferences in early to be sure of your first choice. But don't worry, you can change your mind if you wish, and if your new preference has room, we’ll do our best to get you in.

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NOTE: Break the Pot? (Matteo Catullo, Tim Hurson) is now full.
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