GRDSA Phone Tree Sign-up [ALPHA]
Use this form if you want to get on the GRDSA phone tree. This phone tree is used for monthly comrade check-ins and to pass along some key items on the agenda for upcoming chapter meetings. It is also hoped that this will give members an opportunity to chat about whatever is on their minds, time willing.

ALPHA: This is the first iteration of this phone tree. While the Outreach Working Group has done their best to ensure this is a smooth experience for everyone involved, this is as of yet untested. Feedback is appreciated and will be used to improve the system. Thank you for your understanding.
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Your preferred way to be addressed.
Your Phone Number *
Please enter your 10 digit phone number separated by spaces, dashes, or periods, ###-###-####
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Secondary form of communication just in case we have an issue with the phone number.
Phone Tree Buddy Requests
Are there other members you'd rather be matched with? Please add their names below, separate with commas. We'll do our best to ensure they're calling you or you're calling them.
Preferred Time
We will try and match folks up based on their preferences as we anticipate these phone calls may get kinda chatty and, thus, take a few days to fully cascade through the system.
Early Morning 6-9 AM
Morning 9 am-12 PM
Afternoon 12-3 PM
Evening 3-6 PM
Night 6-9 PM
Late Night 9 PM - Midnight
Questions, comments, concerns?
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