"Now in Russian" Google Play store collection refresh.
If you have an app or game localized in Russian in the last 6 months with the below requirements please fill out this form.

Since July 2017 we have a Google Play store collection dedicated to the best apps & games in Russian. The collection is live in Russia.

We are now accepting nominations for new titles in Russian to add to our future collection refresh!

• Title has to be freemium / premium;
• Title has to have a minimum rating of 3.8;

Localization requirements: store listing
• Store listing fully translated to formal Russian;
• Localized apps screenshot;
• Translated texts in promotional screenshots;

Localization requirements: in-app/game
• Localised pricing based on local affordability;
• Pricing shown in local currencies;
• Total app/game experience localised to Russian including all in-app strings fully localized;

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