Application for Overzealous raiding team

We are a group of ex-CE players that want to have a bit more chill time in game and play for our enjoyment and fun. We do intend to have good progress and organized gameplay. Still wanting to achieve CE, but with more fun and less stress.

The long term goal is to get and keep a stable and strong team. We want to have and keep a roster that can lean on each other and help each other out.

All those who wish to join us and can commit 2 days a week for raids and have some fun, you are more than welcome.
We do m+ as well and once a week we put up a RBG night for the fun of it, and sometimes we even get the mount and rating. :)

Raiding Schedule
  • Times: 19:45 to 23:00
    All raiders are expected to be online at least 5 min before the invites, so we can start as quickly as possible.
  • Days: Thursday and Sunday
  • Attendance Policy: We don't require 100% attendance as we understand things come up, and you might have to skip a raid or two, but we ask you to let us know on our discord. Please inform us at least a day or 2 in advance. Unless something urgent comes up last second. We understand RL has prio over game.
For more information, you can check out our wowprogress page:
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