Hyphae Life Cycles & Systems Thinking Specialist Application

Hyphae Design Lab is a cutting edge environmental design and engineering firm specializing in innovative living systems, sustainable design and engineering. Hyphae consistently pushes the seam on large scale design projects, teaming with established architects all over the world and encouraging design teams to embark integrative system designs that are uniquely tailored to each project site to achieve maximum sustainability. Hyphae specializes in designing living systems with elements such as green roofs, living walls, constructed wetlands, and stormwater management systems.

Hyphae seeks a driven, critical systems thinker to join our team as a Life Cycles & Systems Thinking Specialist.

You will be immersed into highly innovative industrial ecology, life cycle assessment and ecosystem service valuation projects. Your work at Hyphae will range in scale from product to masterplan design. Your tasks will include analysis, research and design. Example projects include a closed loop organic distillery design, eco-district and microgrid research, life cycle assessment of building and infrastructure systems, urban ecosystem services and environmental health valuation.

Your skill set will include life cycle assessment modeling and research, carbon footprint analysis, water-energy nexus research, ecological modeling of ecosystem service valuation. Hyphae is highly responsive to technologies advancements and you will be expected and supported to expand your skill set to reflect these advancements.

We are more interested in hiring the people with the right outlook, perspective, than someone with the perfect set of tools already under their belt. However, your toolkit is not limited to but should include some or all of the following: Autocad, Civil 3D, Revit, Grasshopper, Diva, GaBi, Athena, Stella, OpenLCA, GIS, Advanced Excel, Database Development, . We would love to hear all about tools that you have used in the past.


Prepare and develop in depth Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analyses (computational and design based)
Research Life Cycle Assessment case studies and methodologies
Model complex product life cycles in the GaBi LCA Software
Engage with clients and project team to develop and define solutions
Present results and discuss evaluation choices with clients
Work on national and international projects

An ideal candidate will have a minimum of 3 years working in the field and the following experience:
* Excellent self motivation and organizational skills
* Drafting experience using AutoCAD and Revit
* Experience with LCA software
* Experience using spreadsheet and word programs
* Knowledge of construction/plumbing/engineering

* Project Management experience


With your written application, please provide a drawing, sketch or illustration of some sort of a dynamic system that you have worked on and/or a previous life-cycle assessment project or report you have completed.

This is a full-time position that will begin on a temporary basis (3 month probationary period). Compensation is negotiable and based on level of experience. We are located in Downtown Oakland, a few blocks from the 12th Street BART station. Please fill out the application below.

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