PVSTEM NET Mass STEM Week 2021 Registration
Thank you for expressing your interest in Mass STEM Week! Please complete this form for each event that will take place or to indicate how you would like to get involved. This survey will help us support you in hosting and attending events during MA STEM Week 2021. The information from this form will be uploaded regularly to the statewide STEM Week website: https://www.massstemweek.org/.
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Start and end times must be formatted as Month/Day/Year 12:00 clock (Example: 07/20/2018 1:30:00 PM). Session start and end times default to 9am-10am on the first day of your event when these cells are left blank in the schedule spreadsheet.
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Add a description of the event here — perfect for including what attendees should expect to learn at the session (preferably language that provides further details about the type that you selected), including what area of STEM the event focuses on (i.e., engineering, coding, or a broader reaching event like a fair). Please also indicate in the description if there are any key speakers or sponsors that you would like to highlight and if this is a public or private event. The description is limited to 8192 characters.
Speaker name(s) (if applicable)
Moderator (if applicable)
Event Sponsors/Partners (if applicable)
Venue (identify the physical location, online platform)
Venue Physical Address/Registration/Login information
Does this event have a specific focus on supporting any of the following groups: Women/Girls, People of Color, First-Generation Students, Low-Income Individuals, English Language Learners, People with Disabilities? This information will not be posted publicly.
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If the event is specifically focused on supporting a specific population, please identify which of the following the event intends to primarily support. Check all appropriate boxes.
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Select from the drop down menu if the event is aligned to one of the STEM Advisory Council's three priorities.
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