SHS Parent Input on Career Treks & Internships
Parents - The SHS Career Advisor, Mrs. Hubbard, would like your input (takes less than 5 mins to complete).

To learn more about Career Advisor services, check out the following website:

Schoology Course Codes: (Career Treks FKG9T-MB42X) & (Internships RPCG6-58VQR)

Did you know that SHS has a Career Advisor that coordinates Career Treks (field trips), internships, and is available to help students with basic career exploration, resume and interviewing skills?
Has your student(s) ever attended a SHS Career Trek to explore their career interests?
Have you heard about District 211's Internship Program? (Program information here:
Has your student(s) ever participated in an internship, and if so, was it an internship found through the D211 Internship Program?
Are you aware of any local businesses/organizations that may be willing to host high school Career Treks or Internships? (Share as much detail as you'd like).
Your answer
Any additional comments regarding Career Advisor services (i.e. Career Treks, Internships, basic career exploration, resume and interviewing skills? )?
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