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Thank you so much for your interest in a fandom art commission from me! If you have questions about pricing, content, etc. please e-mail me before applying!
(NOTE: If you are looking for commercial, freelance work from me please contact me directly at the same e-mail address)

Please don't apply unless you are ready to pay. Thank you!
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Most prices aren't fixed! Simple characters and subject matter are always cheaper for options 1-5! I may or may not be open for all options, but feel free to fill out an application anyway so I can get you in asap!
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Private commissions will not be livestreamed or posted. All updates will be sent via e-mail. Anonymous commissions need to clarify in the "additional comments" section at the end of this form.
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Please provide all basic info about your commission. Subject matter, themes, style, number of characters, proposed number of stages in a TF sequence, etc.
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Post all links to visual references here! deviantART, Furaffinity, tumblr, etc references are fine! Atleast one Photobucket or Imgr link in case of a site outage is encouraged. Label NSFW links. If text only description please enter here!
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