Club Registration Spring 2020
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I accept Responsibility that my child has adequate insurance. If your child attended an Autumn 2019 club, then they are covered already. Unfortunately due to a change in AIG policy, we are unable to offer new places on this policy. *
In the event of injury or illness I authorise a suitably qualified medical practitioner to provide emergency treatment or medication *
Please provide information below about any medical conditions of which the leaders should be aware:
Please Note
Allocation Process
In the interest of fairness, you may book each child on a maximum of two clubs. Please first select how many clubs you would like your child to attend. Once we know how many clubs you would like your child to attend please list the clubs in order of preference.

As far as possible every child will be allocated one club of their choice before any child is allocated a second club.

Please take the time to choose your child's options carefully. All applications will be processed after booking closes. Applications received will be sorted randomly rather than on a first come first served basis, places will then be allocated automatically. This is fair to all parents and avoids the situation where parents feel under time pressure which results in errors in completing the application forms.

Please only choose a club that your child intends to take part in - it is not possible to have a second round of allocations so if your child is allocated a place and does not take it up some other child misses out.
Please select how many clubs you would like your child to attend *
Select the correct age
Junior clubs are for Junior Infants and Senior Infants. Senior clubs are for 1st to 6th class.
Ensure that clubs do not clash
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By submitting this form you agree that all the information is correct and that you are aware and have made a note of the details, i.e. day and time of each club. You are confirming that you and your child have read and agree to our code of conduct available on the school website.

You are consenting to the processing of your child’s and your personal information for the purposes of enrolment in and the subsequent running of the afterschool clubs. The afterschool clubs committee will share the personal information provided with the relevant afterschool club leader for club purposes only and this information will not be used by the leaders for any other purpose or retained by them after the club term has ended. The information shared with the relevant club leader will include any medical information provided by you when completing the application form.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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