ACTS College Library Booking-Please book one day in advance. / ACTS学院图书馆预约-请提前1天预约
Each person can book one time slot per day. There can only be up to 2 appointments per time slot. If you want to cancel or change your booking, please SMS to 📱 93672005. Thanks./ 每人每天能预约一个时间段。每个时间段最多只能有2人预约。如果您想取消或更改您的预约,请发讯息至📱 93672005,谢谢。
View for booking information / 查看预约信息:
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Cellphone Number / 手机号: *
If your booking time slot is fully booked we will contact you by this phone number. If you don't receive any message from phone number 📱 93672005, means that your booking is successfully. / 如果您的预约时段已满,我们将通过该电话号码与您联系。 如果您没有收到电话号码为 📱 93672005 的任何消息,则表示您的预约已成功。
Language / 语言: *
Please choose your language when we contact you. Thanks. / 请选择我们与您联系时需要使用的语言,谢谢。
Date / 日期:(MONDAY to THURSDAY 星期一到星期四) *
Please choose a date from MONDAY to THURSDAY./ 请在星期一到星期四中选择一天。
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Please choose one time slot per day for yourself. / 请为您自己选择一个时间段。
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