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Please fill out this form to request custom photos from Kaidence King. I will respond as soon as I can, letting you know if I accept your request, and providing a delivery timeline and instructions for payment!
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Please give me a way to contact you. This is obviously essential so that I can contact you about your request! If we have not spoken before, or have only spoken via email, it must be your email address. If we have already been talking on a website or service (e.g., OnlyFans, IWantClips, NiteFlirt, Skype, Twitter etc.), it could be your username on that website/service.

Secondly, please confirm that you understand and accept the following rules. *
Does your custom photo request include any of the following? Racial slurs towards minority groups (the n-word, ch*nk etc.), ageplay, religious sacrilege/desecration, rape/non-consensual roleplay, animal roleplay, self-harm/suicide encouragement, death/necrophilia roleplay, drunk roleplay, drug roleplay (including poppers), fake weapons, scat/poop, drinking/consuming pee. If so, I cannot currently make it. Sorry about that! *
How many photos would you like? *
These are the base prices.
Do you want your custom photos to be exclusive? This means I won't re-sell them or share them anywhere else, they will be for your eyes only, forever!
This will cost double the base prices above. So 1 custom photo (usually $5) would become $10. 10 custom photos (usually $25) would become $50. 25 custom photos (usually $50) would become $100.
Do you want any extras? *
Would you like the photos to be portrait (ideal for phone viewing) or landscape (ideal for computer/television viewing)?
What would you like me to wear and do in your photos? *
You can either give me a brief description (e.g., "Please wear X and do a variety of sexy poses"), or a specific description of each photo individually (e.g., "Photo 1 - wear X and pose standing up looking down at the camera, photo 2 - wear Y and pose on your knees looking up at the camera") etc. You can be as brief or specific as you like! Nudity is available in custom photos!
Which payment method would you like to use? *
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