2019 Action Alliance Retreat Request For Proposals (RFP) Deadline: February 1, 2019
Biennially, the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance (Action Alliance) hosts a Retreat for advocates working on the front lines of sexual and domestic violence services and prevention.This is a time for connection, reflection, healing, and learning.

Our next Biennial Retreat will be held at Emory and Henry College on June 5-7, 2019.
(Location information: www.ehc.edu/about/maps-directions/)

Because we want to encourage participants to nurture their practice, grow in their expertise, and for our community as a whole to rejuvenate ourselves in the work to eliminate violence and oppression, the theme for 2019 is Cultivate. When you submit your workshop proposal, we encourage you to keep this theme in mind and the definition of cultivate, which is to build, grow, and maintain.

We are looking for a creative, diverse set of workshops and presentations. It is encouraged that you think outside the box to share your expertise in a way that inspires openness, willingness, boldness, and wholeness.

A stipend of $250 will be offered per workshop presentation, and presenters will need to register for the Retreat.

There will be a few tracks designated and therefore we have special interest in workshops that fall under these categories:
* Cultivate Resilience: Prevention
* Cultivate Your Craft: Advanced Advocacy
*Cultivate Leadership: Executive Directors
* Cultivate Wholeness: Self & Community Care
* Cultivate Community: Engaging Community & Partnerships

Additional topics can include but are not limited to:
*Trauma-informed Advocacy
*Racial Justice
*Under-Served/Marginalized Survivors (including LGBTQ, youth, incarcerated survivors, immigrants, rural areas, and more)
*Innovative Service Models
*Technology - Safety & Positive uses of
*Campus Advocacy
*Legal Advocacy
*Art Therapy
*Community Organizing
*Legislative Advocacy
*Inter-Sectional Impact of Trauma

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