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Wanting to officially become a part of the E2L Family? Awesome! Completely fill out the form below the best that you can, and someone will get back to you on whether your application was accepted or not. Almost everything on here is required, so lets keep it fun, professional, and truthful. Good luck!
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We understand privacy, however we believe a first-name basis is important when it comes to bringing people together. No need to include your entire name, and no we don't want your social security number (SS is screwed anyway). Just your first name will do.
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This is to better get an idea of who you are and how much experience you've had in... well... life! You may be asked to provide proof so please make sure you're being honest.
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This can be important to us because we want to be able to evenly spread out the amount of duties based on time-zone. That way, we can make sure we always have someone online, and able to help. Pick your continent...
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What do you want us to call you? Your In-game name or whatever you go by when most people online refer to you. This name will also be the one displayed in Discord.
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We'd like to examine your Steam activity, and be able to link things to your profile in the future, whether it be for others to be able to easily contact you, or as a reference for future projects involving the forums.
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Tell us a little about you! Do you go to school? Do you work? What are your hobbies? Any fun trips you've taken recently? Have a cool memory you'd like to share? Anything will do, as long as it's about you! "This is buddy, what's your favorite color?" -Elf
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