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The Jaguar Land Rover Summer Work Experience programme for students aged 14-18 is open for applications from 7 January to Monday 4 February at the locations listed below.

We only offer placements to students who are interested in STEM and other careers at Jaguar Land Rover through our apprentice, undergraduate and graduate routes (see for more information).

Applicants MUST live within a 50 mile catchment of their placement site and have or be predicted to achieve the following qualifications, which are aligned to our advanced apprentice programme: Maths and English GCSE at Grade 4-9 or above accompanied by 3 GCSEs including Science, Engineering or Technology at Grade 4-9/A-C. If you do not meet these criteria, please DO NOT APPLY for a work experience placement as you will not be successful.

The application deadline is Monday 4 February 2019 - we will not accept any application forms after this date. A school reference form will be sent to shortlisted students who have met the initial application criteria and teachers on Monday 18 March which includes attendance, conduct and predicted/actual exam grade information. The student must ensure a completed reference form with school stamp is returned by Friday 29 March to secure their placement. All placements will be confirmed by Friday 12 April.

Forms which are incomplete or do not contain the correct information will not be processed so please ensure you check through your answers before submitting.

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Please enter your predicted or actual grades. If you are shortlisted based on the above criteria, we will contact your school and ask them to confirm your grades in writing.
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Additionally, you need 3 GCSEs (or equivalent) including a Science, Engineering or Technology subject at 4-9/C or above (or an alternative, Engineering Vocational qualification). Please list at least three subjects and grades below. e.g. All Predicted Grades - Resistant Materials - Grade 9, Art - Grade 8, Chemistry - Grade 7. *
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A-Level Grades
Please skip this section if it is not relevant to you. Please enter your predicted or actual grades. If you are shortlisted based on the above criteria, we will contact your school and ask them to confirm your grades in writing.
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A-Level Maths
Please list all your A-Level Science, Technology and Engineering subjects and grades e.g. Resistant Materials - Predicted grade A
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If you want a placement in HR, Finance, Design or Marketing, please list all subjects and grades which relate to that field e.g. psychology for HR placement, business studies for Finance, art or graphics for Design, economics
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What are your future plans once you've finished your current studies? e.g. engineering apprenticeship, study marketing at university, join design graduate programme
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Do you have any parents or relatives who work at Jaguar Land Rover (this is not essential for the application process)? *
If yes, please confirm your relative's name and work email address
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Describe your motivation for applying for work experience at Jaguar Land Rover and include examples which demonstrate your interest (100 word limit). Anything over the wordcount will not be considered. Please mention any hobbies, part time work or volunteering that supports your application. *
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Describe projects or activities that you have completed outside school which demonstrate your passion for engineering or other career options as listed above (100 word limit). Words over this limit will not be considered. *
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Terms and Conditions
Jaguar Land Rover and its delivery partners Birmingham Metropolitan College and Wolverhampton City Council will only use your information to access and process your work experience application. Your personal data will be processed fairly and lawfully and will be held for a full five years after your application is submitted. Data will be kept in order to track your progress throughout work experience and future interactions with Jaguar Land Rover for example apprenticeship applications and future courses held at the Education Centres. Jaguar Land Rover and its delivery partners will treat your personal information as private and confidential and in compliance with data protection laws. Your personal data will not be shared with any third parties. Data will only be viewed by named employees with no sharing rights. For more details about our privacy policies please visit:
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