2018-19 8th Grade Yearbook Quote Submission Form
Quotes are due by Friday November 30!

Quotes must not exceed 120 characters total (including spaces).

The yearbook will reflect the talents and abilities of all of Odyssey. Please maintain the integrity of your yearbook and take pride in Odyssey by following these guidelines:
• You are not permitted to make references to subjects that are not school appropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
o The use of obscene, offensive, or inappropriate language
o Language that denigrates another person or group
o Any violent statements or something that could be taken that way
o Anything with a negative, sarcastic, or hurtful message
o An “inside joke” or reference that only a few other people will understand
• If you are using a quote written by someone else, you must credit the person who it originated from. The person’s name counts toward your 120 characters.

Your quote should be well chosen and represent your best assets, as it will record who you are for years to come. If the quote is ambiguous or has a negative connotation, the staff and advisors reserve the final right to determine whether it is published in the yearbook. If you submit a quote that isn’t appropriate or do not submit a quote, you will be assigned a generic quote at random.

If you’d like to verify that your quote was delivered successfully, ask Ms. Oakes in person or via email at stephanieo@spokaneschools.org
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Please keep your quote to 120 characters or fewer.
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