Online Sashiko Gathering/Lecture Registration Form
This is a registration form for the Online Sashiko Gathering and/or Sashiko Zoom Lecture.

(Update. Dec. 10th 2020)

The Online Sashiko Gathering is irregularly scheduled. After the registration, you may receive the invitation with the link for zoom meeting via email. Please follow the link to join the Zoom Meeting. Anyone can register for the Online Sashiko Gathering. However, In order to maintain a good meetings, the participants/students/graduates of Online Sashiko Class & In-person Sashiko Workshop (More than 3 hours length) will receive the invitation for now (As of December 2020).

Please enter the email address that you used for registration to Online Sashiko Class / In-person Sashiko Workshop. If the email address is not linked your previous class/workshop, it may take extra time to make a invitation to you.

Sashiko Zoom Lecture is available for anyone. Everyone who register to this form will receive an invistation to the Zoom Meeting via email. However, the participants need to keep their microphone "muted" unless they have a specific question. Atsushi choose the question, and you will be his conversation partner for the question. The Sashiko Zoom Lecture will be "Recorded" and uploaded to the Youtube.

*Both of the gathering & lectures are free of charge. (As of December 2020).
*Please read the article below for the details.

For Sashiko Online Gathering.

For Sashiko Zoom Lecture.

Lastly, please consider taking the Online Sashiko Class!
I am looking forward to spending time online.

Upcycle Stitches LLC
Atsushi Futatsuya

Email address *
Your name / Nickname *
Have you taken (Are you taking) Atsushi's Sashiko Workshop/Class? *
The workshops/Classes are either "Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Basic & Core)" which was offered in person for more than 3 hours of length (not short version of 2 hours and less), and Online Sashiko Class.
What do you want to register to? *
Please share your preference in date, time, and Timezone you live in.
Do you agree to the guideline for Sashiko Zoom Lecture? *
For those who wish to join the Sashiko Zoom Lecture, please read and agree to the guideline. Without the agreement, I cannot invite you to the Sashiko Zoom Lecture. The Zoom Lecture will be uploaded to the video & Upcycle Stitches LLC will have all the right to use the video & audio contents ().
Any date/time preference?
Any Request?
Please share any request for the Sashiko Gathering. Please be advised that this is not a place for me to teach you anything. It is just a gathering with us stitching and talking.
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