Subscription Give-A-Way
Date - June 19, 2021
Location - Pyramid Art, Books, & Custom Framing Store - 1001 Wright Avenue, Little Rock, AR 72120
Time - 3:00 pm
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I understand that to win the subscription: (1) I must submit my phone number and email to be notified that I’ve won, (2) I do not have to be present to win, and (3) I will have to submit an accurate mailing address later to receive magazines if I win. I understand that I have 24 hours from the time of notification to accept the offer and submit an accurate mailing address for the issues to be sent. I understand that URBANE Magazine, LLC. will not ask for social security numbers, credit card or debit card numbers, or any private information such as that - other than my phone number and email address. My address will only be requested once I have officially won the subscription. I understand that I can only submit one entry form per address. Anything additional will automatically disqualify me from a chance to win a subscription. I understand that my entry will continue to recycle with every drawing until I have won, but will remain confidentially stored until the next drawing. I understand I have the option to deny acceptance if I so choose. By submitting this form, I confirm that I have read and understood the terms of this contest. *
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