Guyer Orchestra Officer Application
So you want to be an officer? Awesome. We need more people like you; people who want to make the Guyer Orchestra program more enjoyable and excellent than ever! Here’s what you need to do: 1. Read the instructions given for each office. Determine what talents you have and where they would best serve the orchestra. 2. Fill out the Interview Application (this Google Form) 3. Prepare any necessary documents to show to Mrs. Hanlon 4. Come meet with Mrs. Hanlon for a very, very short "interview" on Friday, May 17 or Monday, May 20th. (during D lunch or directly after school) (or any time prior to that, by appointment. (email Hanlon)

ALL OFFICERS will be REQUIRED to stay after major events/concerts to help clean up. This will alleviate the stress put on the few students who usually stay late and will result in a quicker tear-down time. (you will have to seek director approval if you need to miss this at any time.)

INCOMING FRESHMEN: Instead of an interview, please have an orchestra teacher email me as a character reference for you. Also, .
STUDENTS WHO SERVED AS OFFICER THIS YEAR may forgo their interview IF they are going out for the SAME OFFICE, but still need to fill out an application.

That’s it! Remember, you will only take from this experience as much as you give, so take a little time to truly prepare.
See you at the interview!
Mrs. Hanlon

Preparations for each office:

President: (10th-12th) This is it. You want to run the show. You’ve got plans, dreams: a vision for orchestra that can’t be stopped! On top of this, you are willing to spend some time planning, calling meetings, delegating jobs, and making sure every event runs smoothly…but that’s cool, ‘cause you’re totally on it. So here’s that you need to do. I want to see/know your plan for how you will communicate with officers, how often and when you will meet, and how you plan on getting information out to the orchestra. I want plans for how you’ll help organize students for events, plan to take designs for trip/section t-shirts, plans for POSTERS and generally, how you’re going to handle this year as president. You will turn in this portfolio when you interview with me. You are responsible for end-of-the-year Funny Awards and for helping the Booster Club get donations for the Banquet raffle, etc. That means ballots, counting, and the typing up/printing of awards. All awards categories must be approved by a director FIRST. Be prepared!

Treasurer/Head Booster Club “Minion”: (11th/12th) Show me the money. No, really….this job isn’t just about signing those check requests… I want you to be very involved in any and all fundraisers. This means, encouraging participation and working closely with the Parent Booster Club. If you’re already involved in eleventy-million things here at Guyer, this job may be too time-intensive for you. This job may not be suited to Rhapsody students because of their high level of performance expectations, but they will not be prevented from interviewing. You need to be proactive, a real go-getter….a DO-er… (you DO things.. ) So, to prepare for your interview, I’d like you to list ideas for how to get students INVOLVED in fundraising. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Historian: (10th-12th)- (multiple positions) Say CHEESE! You need to take pictures. All the time. Lots of them. Every event. Big or Small. Then, you need the organization skills to categorize and select the best of what you take. You will be expected to help with every slideshow we do this year, in varying roles. Having some sort of skills in iMovie/iPhoto would be great. You also must not be afraid to take pictures of people in orchestra you don’t know. You must know how to take pictures with good proportion, exposure, and focus. For your interview, I want to see examples of your picture taking skill and/or slideshows you have created. Ability to work in software that creates slideshows is a real plus!

Social Officer: (10th-12th) (multiple positions) People. People who need….people….usually end up with some sort of job like “Social Officer”….Yeah, you like to organize events so orchestra students can hang out, get to know each other, and generally have a good time! You must be organized enough to plan things IN ADVANCE…you have to be able to make COOL FLYERS, AWESOME POSTERS, and also have a knack for knowing what orchestra students would think is fun…always appealing to a few different types of people. (like having video games, AND board games….and maybe…I dunno….crafts!?) I want to see a sample flyer for an event. Make it bigger. Make it badder. Make it awesome. You will be the party liason for the parent booster club and you can work with them to make the parties wonderful! (Masquerade Party, Games Party, Talent Show/Games Party.) You could plan things for those parties, like Super Smash Bros. Tournaments, or Chess competitions….prizes are always good. Anyone have a 5lb bag of gummy bears? Secret Santa? It’s all you, so start planning NOW! Show me the plan for the year, along with ideas for other stuff along the way. Impress me!

Librarian: (10th-12th) (multiple positions) ABC, easy as 123, easy as do re mi, easy as organizing and alphabetizing the library! You probably arrange your sock drawer….admit it, you space your hangers!!! You’re perfect, don’t ever change….I’ve got the job for you… You need to be able to print clearly, be able to use the copier (or be smart enough to learn), be available at least once a week to keep the library looking clean and organized, and you need to be able to work well with Ms. Hanlon and other people. I’d like you to correctly alphabetize the following and tell me which ones are considered “Pops” (popular music), or “Holiday”. Please print them in your handwriting (I’m checking for neatness!) on a separate piece of paper:

Concerto Grosso Op. 6 No.2
Theme from “Braveheart”
The Beastie Stomp
Polar Express
An Irish Tune

Now that you’re done with that, tell me how often you’re going to come in each week to clean/organize. This place gets disorganized quickly, so you need to be ON IT!

Stage Crew (9th-12th) (multiple positions) Like to help out AND work out all at the same time? Can you stack chairs and unstack chairs like a pro? You gots muscles? Like, lots of ‘em? You wants 'em? You should be a part of our stage crew! These awesome people organize set up/tear down for concerts and events. (making sure people know how many chairs go on a chair rack, how stands go on a stand rack, etc.) These people are…AWESOME.

Booster Club Minion: (9th-12th) (multiple positons) “Posters? I love making posters! Setting up for events? I LOVE setting up for events!!! Fundraising? Where do I sign up?!?!?” If this sounds like you, first of all, switch to decaf! Secondly, I think you’d make a super Booster Club Minion. Gung-ho is your middle name. Okay, maybe it’s Earl or Gracie…in any case, you reeeeally want to help the Guyer Orchestra! These students will be in contact with the Parent Booster Club and will need to be willing and able to help out the Booster Club with running events, fundraisers, making posters, and generally, making things happen! You’ll also be lead by the Head Booster Minion, our Treasurer! You can look to the head minion for instruction and guidance in making all of the Booster Club’s endeavors go smoothly! Generally, the best minions would probably be students who, again, are not involved in everything under the sun, but who would like to be devoted to the orchestra. I need at least one minion in each class to make announcements for the Booster Club and/or hand out materials. Ask not what your orchestra can do for you, tell me what you’d like to do for your orchestra!

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