Armenian Mental Health Initiative (AMHI) Therapist/ Provider Information
Survey (1) of Armenian Mental Health Providers based in the U.S./Canada
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Do you have prior experience conducting therapy, supervision or training in Armenia?
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In which topics do you have expertise to give a training/lecture to healthcare providers in Armenia?
For which topics do you have slides prepared (or can put them together quickly), and are ready and able to give a virtual lecture (via zoom) in the next 1-2 weeks?
Do you feel comfortable with your fluency in Armenian to be able to give a professional lecture in Armenian (with maybe some handy help from google translate?)
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If you are not ready to give a training, we still very much need your help! Please indicate which of these areas you would be willing to help out with:
If asked to participate in efforts led by AMHI, please indicate where you would best be able to dedicate your time/energy (please check all that apply); *
If you are able to travel to Armenia, how soon -- realistically -- would you be able to depart?
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If there is something you would like for us to know about you, feel free to include your notes in this section!
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