Geography Careers Materials for High School Guidance Counselors
As part of the AAG's ongoing efforts to inform students at earlier educational stages about opportunities in geography, the AAG has compiled geography career information packets that are available to mail to high school guidance counselors. Would you like a packet to be sent to schools in your area? Please provide a contact name and mailing information below and we will prepare and send a packet to the school(s) of your choice.
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Optional Note to Accompany Packet:
Upon request, the AAG will include the following note with the packet, complete with your information:

"This geography careers information packet was requested for your school by <<insert name>> (<<option to insert email address>>), a <<describe your connection to school/community>>."

Example school/community connections to note:
- a GeoMentor volunteer in the area
- a parent of a child in your school
- a GIS analyst that works in your community
- an AAG member in your state
- a geographer who is a relative of a teacher in your school
For example: "This geography careers information packet was requested by Jane Jones (, an AAG member and alumna of your school."
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