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Welcome to the 2018 ECAASU Conference at Cornell! The theme of the conference will be "Continuum: Power through Perspective". This application is open to current undergraduate/graduate students, former students, and community members. Workshops will ideally fall under one of the three following categories:
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CONTINUUM: Understanding our place in history
What is the history of Asian Americans? How are multiple generations of Asian Americans connected to each other? Why are some narratives mainstream and others marginalized? What can Asian and Asian American history teach us about the present - and how can that knowledge inform how we address the future? How can we make sure that Asian American narratives are accessible and inclusive? Through the theme of Continuum, we will explore racialization, incarceration, labor and civil rights movements, early Asian American student activism, settler colonialism, immigration policy, ethnic enclaves, and many more facets of the Asian American story.
PERSPECTIVE: The different lenses that paint the Asian American picture
How do we define Asian America today? What does “being Asian American” mean for each individual, and how do these meanings compare across a broad spectrum of lived experiences? What is the image of Asian Americans in our own communities and in popular discourse? Who does this image include, and who does it exclude? What does it mean to be a multiracial, disabled, low-income, first-generation, undocumented, and/or queer Asian American? How do these intersecting identities affect Asian American cultures and communities amid global networks of migration, displacement, and diaspora? Through the theme of Perspective, we will explore representation, intersectionality, mental health, data disaggregation, transnationalism, cultural authenticity, and other nuances that broaden the Asian American landscape.
POWER: Deconstructing systems and realizing our collective power
What does empowerment mean for Asian Americans? Where are Asian Americans positioned in society relative to other groups? What are the disparities within the Asian American population? How do we identify commonalities to organize and inspire Asian Americans and marginalized people from all backgrounds? What are the challenges of campaigning for Asian American Studies on our respective campuses? How can we effect change on a local, state, and national level? What are the possibilities and limitations of different forms of our political participation? Through the theme of Power, we will explore leadership development, civic engagement, contemporary advocacy efforts, coalition building, racial triangulation, police brutality, liberation struggles, and other key components of the Asian American movement.
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