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Use this form to communicate with the Entrepreneurship Center @CTI regarding your needs as our shared Covid-19 journey continues. Please fill this form to help us better assess your current needs. The form will provide a response, which includes the Daily Zoom Conference ID. You will also receive an email the morning after you complete this form, with additional information. You can use the same Zoom conference ID to join our daily zoom calls anytime.

We are on Zoom daily at 2:30 to answer all your general questions regarding COVID-19 emergency support, SBA Microloans, Acre Catalyst Fund, and virtual business coaching.

If you are interested in applying for an SBA Microloan or Acre Catalyst Fund loan, please complete this form:

Virtual Business Coaching:
If you are interested in virtual business coaching , that will enable you to succeed, post-COVID-19, please complete this form:

We offer assistance in English and Spanish

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