ICE Teacher and Student Superstars Grant Application - 2018-2019
Are you and your students involved in research or special projects that go above and beyond typical classroom activities? Are you taking students to conferences to let them show off the awesome things they do? Are you empowering students to find their own voice to the greater school and world community?

Tell us about it! We want to hear the great things that you are doing, and support you in your efforts.

Indiana Connected Educators will fund one (1) $500 grant to an Indiana educator working with students in grades K through 12 in helping them find their voices and get their work out onto the world stage. Items the grant can fund include:
Conference registrations or travel costs for student presenters
Materials or technology costs for student presentations or special research projects
Event costs (food, facilities, materials) for hosting a student-organized conference or event
Subscription services related to student research, special projects, or presentations

Items the grant cannot fund include:
Teacher professional development costs
Materials, subscription costs, and technology used only for general classroom needs

Stipulations for receiving the grant:
Presentation made at the ICE Conference in 2019
Grant completion report submitted within 30 days after project end, including budget of how funds are used and how your students’ story will be presented or published to the world

The application for this application is December 1, 2018.

Grant is payable by check on or after May 1, 2019.

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