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Are you adopting this dog for you or for someone else? (If for someone else, who?)
What experience do you have as a dog caregiver?  Please tell us about dogs you have lived with.
Do you currently live with any pets?
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If yes, what type of pets?
Are your pets spayed/neutered?
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Do you live in a house, apartment, condominium or townhouse?
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Do you have children? If so, please list their ages.
Is any member of your family allergic to dogs?
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List all members of your household.
Does everyone agree to adopting a dog?
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Who will be primarily responsible for the care of this dog?
Who is your veterinarian?
May we contact them as your reference?
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What is your veterinarian’s phone number?
Do you have dog training experience?
What canine behaviour would you find totally unacceptable?
What canine behaviours or traits are you looking for in an adoptive dog?
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House trained
Good with other cats
Good with other dogs
Good with children
If you answered other above, please explain
Describe your method of disciplining a dog. You have just come into the kitchen to find the garbage has been knocked over. How do you respond?
You have come home to find your dog has pooped in the house. What do you do?
Are you willing to seek guidance/attend classes with your adopted dog, should you experience behavioural challenges?
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What type of training/ classes would you choose?
Where will your dog primarily live?
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Where will the dog be kept primarily?
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How many hours of the day will the dog be alone?
Will the dog have access to the whole house?
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Where will the dog be sleeping?
Do you have a yard?
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If yes, is the yard fenced?
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Do you have a pool?  
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If yes, is there a fence around it?
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Describe the exercise that you have in mind for your adopted dog?
What type of food will you be feeding your adopted dog?
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How will your dog be cared for if you have to be away from home for an extended period of time on vacation or for business?
Check any of the following reasons why you would give your dog away
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Getting married or divorced
Chews or destroys objects
Too Expensive
Children no longer care for it
Having a baby
Moving where no pets allowed
If you answered other above, please explain:
Approximately how much do you think a dog will cost per year?
Do you know the cost of veterinary emergencies?
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If your dog ran out the door and was hit by a car.  The veterinarian can repair the broken leg (and the dog would recover) at a cost of $2500.00 what would you do?
What are your thoughts on Pet Insurance?
Would you have an objection to meeting someone from our agency via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime  to conduct a home check prior to the adoption of a dog?
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Are you aware that there is an adoption fee of $400.00?
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The adoption fee may include a veterinary exam, spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccines, and a microchip implant.  Many of our rescued dogs also have full blood panels run, dental surgeries and other necessary procedures as per their specific needs
Thank you for your time and effort completing the pre adoption questionnaire.  One of our volunteers will be in touch shortly by telephone to speak with you about adoption.  

If however, we feel the dog you have chosen is not a good match we will reply via email with an explanation; we may suggest considering a different dog.
Thank you!

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