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Hey USY!

I am super excited to tell you about my newest initiative, called Pair for Prayer. Pair for Prayer is a prayer learning program which pairs USYers together to learn tefillot together. USYers and Kadimaniks can sign up to be a moreh (teacher), talmid (student), or both. Participants will be able to select the prayers/services that they would like to learn or teach. Finally, a talmid is matched with a moreh and they learn the assigned prayer together over video chat.

In USY, there is a large gap in knowledge between Jewish Day School USYers and those who attend public school, making it hard to educate the majority of USYers on Judaism at any given time in an appropriate way for them. By implementing Pair for Prayer, USYers and Kadimanicks of all knowledge levels will be able to participate in an educational activity with their fellow peers. The pairs will be inter-region so they will also make a new friend in the process. USYers who participate in Pair for Prayer will not only be provided with an enriching Jewish educational experience, but they will be able to use their knowledge to participate in tefillot in their chapter, regions, at IC, or on a summer experience.

We will be accepting Pair for Prayer applications through Friday, October 18.

If you have any questions about this initiative, please feel free to e-mail me at

Thank you and Shana Tova!

Shoshana Scheinberg
USY International Religion/Education Vice President 2019
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