The full version of the MINDSET Profile Tool will help you to improve your understanding of 7 ESSENTIAL ENTREPRENEURIAL BEHAVIOURS: -

[M] Meet real needs
[I] Innovate
[N] Never act unethically
[D] Dare to take risks
[S] Sell
[E] Exercise for greater productivity
[T] Take the initiative

This taster version of the MINDSET Profile Tool will give you feedback on one of those behaviours [D] Dare to take risk. Use of the taster version is free and you don't have to submit any contact details.

Other people who have used the MINDSET Profile Tool live in the following countries: Angola, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, England, Estonia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritius, Morocco, Northern Ireland, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Tunisia, USA, Wales and Zambia.

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