Choice of Languages for Grade 8 in 2020
The final subject choice must be submitted electronically by 1 November 2019.

- Please read the SAL courses overview booklet for 2020 for details on the curriculum for each subject.
- Please make a selection for First Additional Language (FAL), and for Second Additional Language (SAL).
- First Choices will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis for the allocated number of places for boys and girls in each class. After that, the Second Choice will be allocated, provided there is space.
- Your FAL choice depends on whether your child is an immigrant or foreign pupil. An immigrant candidate is:
(i) A child or a dependent of a diplomatic representative of a foreign government accredited in South Africa; or
(ii) a person who:
(aa) first enrolled at and entered a South African school in Grade 7 or a more senior grade, or
(bb) having begun his or her schooling at a school in South Africa, has attended school outside South Africa for two or
more consecutive years after Grade 3 or its equivalent, and has subsequently returned to South Africa.
- In place of the Second Additional Language options, a small number of boys and girls may be identified by the English or Afrikaans Departments to do some remedial lessons in either English or Afrikaans. Boys and girls cannot choose this option, but are identified as needing it.
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Language Choices
First Additional Language *
To be taken until Matric.
Second Additional Language
Please select a first and second choice, in case your first choice does not have sufficient places.
First Choice
Second Choice
Classical Civilisations
French (only if not taken as a FAL)
Mandarin (only if not taken as a FAL)
Music (Subject Music, and is dependent on audition)
isiXhosa (only if not taken as a FAL)
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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