2017 Mountain T.O.P. Fall Festival Booth Request Form
This document serves as an agreement between the listed party and Mountain T.O.P.'s Fall Festival to be held on October 28, 2017. This agreement must be updated on an annual basis. Mountain T.O.P. has the right to terminate this agreement if the Community Partner demonstrates or displays products or behavior in conflict with Christian morals and ethics.

Event: Mountain T.O.P. Fall Festival
Event Date: October 28, 2017, 9:30am - 2:00pm
Community Partner Organization Name
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Community Partner Lead Contact
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Community Partner Address
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Lead Contact Phone #
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Lead Contact Email*
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*Our primary contact will be by email. Please note if this is not convenient for you.
Description of Fall Festival Booth
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What will you be giving away? What are your booth’s prizes?
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Because of the enormous success of the Fall Festival thanks to YOU, we use our tables for shoes and logistics. We have a very limited number of tables available for use at the event. If you need a table, can you provide?
If you need electricity, can you provide extension cords or a generator?
Can you provide a tent to cover your booth in case of rain?
Are there any additional needs for your booth?
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Set up of the display can occur between 1:00pm-4:00pm on Friday, October 27th, or 8:00am-9:00am on Saturday, October 28th.
Tear down can occur at 2:00pm on Saturday or at the completion of the Fall Festival. All booths must be cleaned up by 4:00pm on October 28th.
The Community Partners will be offered lunch from Mountain T.O.P. for up to 3 volunteers with your booth. Additional lunches may be purchased for $5 each.
How many people will be with your organization total?
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Fall Festival t shirts (long sleeve) will be available for $11 each. Requests for shirts must be made by October 6th, 2017.
Please let us know the quantity and sizes of shirts you will be purchasing.
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To insure the safety of all, to facilitate our time together, and to adequately care for the facility, it is necessary for all of us to agree to observe certain general rules and guidelines. All persons registered as participants should abide by the following rules:

It is expected that all attendees will fund/setup/run/tear down their booths. Booth operation is from 10am-2pm on Saturday, October 28th.
Use of alcohol is not permitted at the Fall Festival.
Use of tobacco is not permitted at the Fall Festival.
Weapons, illegal substances, explosives, fireworks, or other dangerous materials are not permitted at our camp.
Each person will be responsible for the care and proper use of all equipment and property at the event. Each person will respect the property of other people.
Mountain T.O.P. will not be held liable for damage or loss of products or goods at this event.

As representatives of Christ and His Church, we take seriously our responsibility to one another. This covenant is an affirmation of our concern for the well-being of the total community. These signatures indicate that we have been given the opportunity to hear or read these statements. We understand that a serious infraction of this covenant means that we may removed from the Fall Festival.

The Community Partner agrees to pay for any damages to the facility or equipment that might result from their display or actions of persons representing the vendor at the event.
Signature of Community Partner Lead Contact
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