Volunteer Sign Up Form for Health Care Providers during COVID-19
1) Please note that this initiative is NOT organized through Memorial, the medical school, CFMS, NLMA, etc. This is a self-organized student-led effort. We will be coordinating students independently.
2) While these steps are designed to minimize risk, increased social contact does increase risk of transmission. As such, while this initiative aims to maintain adequate HCP workforce, the risk of transmission of respiratory illness is increased. Signing up to participate in this initiative constitutes acknowledgement of this risk.
3) Volunteers are NOT essential healthcare providers. Please follow PHAC Guidelines regarding COVID-19. Policies/Situations (such as State of Emergency) may affect this volunteering opportunity.

This program is intended for healthcare providers in the St. John's area looking for support with life tasks outside the wards- childcare/babysitting, grocery runs, pharmacy runs, pet care, general errands, etc. We will do our best to connect them with current medical/nursing/health professions students (that's you!) who are able to help. We want to support our frontline staff as best we can during this challenging time.

Fill out this form with the types of tasks you are willing to help with and your general location/availability. After a HCP submits their copy of this form, we will review the list of medical students who have signed up to help with various tasks. If we are able to find a suitable match, we will connect the HCP and the student via text/email, after which you can arrange plans as schedules allow. We will match 1 student to 1 family so we aren't inadvertently broadening our social circles through this initiative. We ask that both students and providers ensure timely responses to each other and respect each others' limitations during this challenging time.

Our current policy is:
1) Students who are personally at-risk, or who carry risk of spreading infection to vulnerable/elderly people in their immediate circle, should not volunteer. If you have have travelled in the last 14 days, or been in contact with someone who has travelled in the last 14 days, please refrain from volunteering.
2) Students who have completed clinical rotations in the past 14 days can volunteer at their own discretion. These students most disclose their recent clinical placement to their assigned HCP.
3) Students are not allowed to work with families or HCPs that have travelled in the last 14 days, been in contact with someone who has travelled in the last 14 days, or is currently self isolating.
4) Each student only volunteers with one family to minimize risk of spread.
5) Students who volunteer with at risk populations (ex: seniors, immunocompromised, etc.) or who continue to work in the healthcare setting should refrain from volunteering.
6) Only students with childcare experience should volunteer to provide childcare. If numbers allow, students providing childcare will be assigned in pairs.
7) Students may transport items but not people as we are not covered by our personal car insurance.
8) Students and HCPs are required to monitor their symptoms once a week using this tool provided by NL 811 HealthLine. In the event the participant reports any symptoms, please report them to our team and withdraw from the program: https://www.811healthline.ca/covid-19-self-assessment/
9) Only healthcare learners with confirmed vulnerable sectors screening, CPR, and vaccinations are permitted to volunteer.
10) All volunteers and healthcare workers should minimize contact and practice hand hygiene. Please avoid hand-shaking/hugs, minimize in-person meetings, avoid crowded places, and maintain a distance of 2 metres between yourself and others when possible, and contact 811 if you are experiencing symptoms. Avoid contact with sick household members if possible.
11) All volunteers and healthcare workers should keep a personal log of visits/interactions for documentation purposes.
12) The expectation is that students are volunteering their time as it is needed and healthcare workers will prepay for supplies/groceries picked up by volunteers or reimburse students for purchases made as mutually agreed upon by volunteer pairings.
13) If requirements are too high for one student to provide we will look into providing a second volunteer as numbers permit

We are open to other suggestions on how to maintain safety and social distancing.

There may be changes based on student availability. Please ensure timely communication between students and providers, and respect each others' limitations during this difficult time. We recommend giving at least 48hrs notice in the case of cancellations or schedule conflicts.

Lastly, this is an unpredictable time and circumstances change. Should you feel you are no longer able to help out or need to step back from a commitment, please convey that information to your matched family and to the organizers. We are here to help.

If you are a healthcare provider who needs support, please visit: https://forms.gle/YzimRRqtBuMajMif8

For questions or concerns, please contact one of our organizers:
Stuart Bursey (srb312@mun.ca)
Aaron Rainnie (asr681@mun.ca)
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