Digital Storytelling Workshop for Queer Muslims - Apply by 9 September 2020

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About the Workshop
CSBR is pleased to offer an Online Digital Storytelling Workshop for Queer Muslims, which will bring together 15 activists from South & Southeast Asia.

As queer Muslims activists, we often get boxed into certain narratives and ways of expressing our identities, struggles, experiences. Too often who we are or who we believe we can be is dictated to us by others--but we’re tired of that. We want to grow a repository of public narratives that tell our stories of struggle and affirmation on our own terms. Whether we are people who were assigned Muslim at birth, have a deeper relationship to faith and spirituality, or whether we are atheists of a cultural Muslim heritage--this workshop is a space to share experiences, build community, and create stories of change as a resource and support for queer Muslims across Asia.

As such, the aims of this workshop are:

- Creating a safer space for community building for queer Muslim activists across South & Southeast Asia.

- Exploring themes of faith & sexuality, and journeys of self-affirmation whatever our identities, lived experiences and organizing struggles

- Building our skills in creating sharp, concise, powerful short films and narratives that can be used for change, while making sure our communities stay safe and secure

- Building our capacities as activists to engage with & use participatory methods for research & action at home

- Growing public repository of narratives of strength & empowerment by and for queer Muslim activists across SSEA

About the Hosts: CSBR is an international solidarity network that supports the integration of a holistic approach to sexual and bodily rights as human rights across Muslim societies–through feminist knowledge building, strategic convenings, campaigning, advocacy and activist capacity-building. This work grows out of CSBR's movement building support work, and is coordinated with activists across our focus regions To find out more, visit:, or email
Workshop Format & Dates
Workshop Format: There will be a mix of virtual workshops & home/self-study.

Dates & Times: Saturday & Sundays, at UTC 8:00AM - 11:00 AM, from 3 October - 8 November 2020.

Participants will need to commit to attending all virtual sessions of the workshop, and managing to work on their stories in their spare time, in order to participate and complete the workshop.
What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital Storytelling (DST) is a participatory methodology that supports people to share aspects of their life story through video making. It is grounded in the storytellers' control over the medium – words, images and audio – so that the process of learning and production is as powerful for the storyteller as the end product is for the audience.

A final digital story is a short video (2–3 minutes) of images, voice, text and music stitched together using low-tech, affordable and accessible technology. Participants narrate first-person scripts that they write and then match with personal photographs, drawings, music, video clips and sound effects to tell their story. Once completed, digital stories are easily publishable online and can be made available to the public--or kept private--depending on the topic and purpose of the project. See by example, digital stories from CSBR’s “Stories of Faith & Sexuality” workshop in Indonesia:

The power of DST is in the process. It’s an opportunity to build our communication and leadership skills, and amplify our voices.
What Happens with the Digital Stories?

This work is based on the fundamental principle that each person is the author of their own story, and they choose at every step what to share and disclose, and how to use the content they create going forward.

We are inviting activists to come experience the process, refine their storytelling and video making skills, and explore how storytelling can be used to strengthen organizing and community building.

Whether you choose to share your stories publicly or not, is up to you.

We make no claims to the videos, and we will work with participants to explore telling stories in ways that affirm privacy, confidentiality, digital security and safety.

We will also work with participants to think through how and in what ways these stories could be used in campaigning or organizing back home, or online, or in international workshops as may be pertinent.
Interested in Applying? SUBMIT BY 9 September 2020
This workshop is open to self-identified LGBTI Muslim activists, who are working from holistic queer & feminist frameworks to advance human rights and environmental justice across South and Southeast Asia.

LANGUAGE: The workshop will be conducted in English. Participants must be comfortable communicating in English for the technical & group sessions. However, participants are able to write their stories in whatever language they feel comfortable in. Where possible, we will work together to support each others' communication through whisper translations.

SKILLSET: You do not need to have any prior experience in film, photography, video, story writing. We will create a mixed group in terms of skill levels, including prioritizing those who may not have had a chance to attend regional convenings of this nature before.

DEADLINE: Please apply by 9 September 2020. We will not be able to consider incomplete applications, or those we receive after the deadline.
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