Norwood School Open Season Survey 2019/20
We would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete this form. It will give us some very valuable feedback on our Open mornings/Evening.
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Please rate each of the following - 1 being excellent and 5 being poor
Website and information about the school
The quality of our displays around the school
Our pupils' appearance and attitudes to learning
The welcome you received from staff
The welcome you received from our Student Ambassadors
Your overall impression of our school
Do you have any further comments you would like to make?
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Having visited us, are you considering Norwood as one of your choices for your child's secondary school education?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Good Luck with your child's transition to secondary school, we hope to welcome you and your family back to the Norwood School in September 2020.
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