Commander in Green
Answer the following series of questions regarding how the president is able to use their constitutional powers to have an impact on the environment.
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1. Explain one of the ways that the president can potentially use their powers to help the environment, and one of the ways that the president can use their powers in a way that might be harmful to the environment. *
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2. Choose a president, preferably the present one, and explain whether or not they have been favorable for the environment. Explain one action that they have done that has helped, and one that has hurt, and then decide whether or not they have been overall good for the environment. Defend your answer with examples from reputable sources. *
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Summarize your response: Which president did you select?
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Were they more good (10) or more bad for the environment (1)
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3. List the sources that you used for information you used for your answer in question 2. *
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