2020 Beef Order $4.00/lb Hanging Wt.
Thank you for your interest in Grass Fed Beef from E & K HERITAGE FARM in Altoona, KS. We appreciate your support in local agriculture. We hope you enjoy your pasture raised meat! If you have any questions about availability please email us at ekheritagefarm@gmail.com or call Ethan at 620-212-1683. We want your experience to be as positive as possible so if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask.

Finishing a grass-fed steer is not the same process as a conventional grain-finished steer. The length of time grazing and the weight of the finished steer varies from steer to steer.Typically our animals are raised until they are 18 months old and weigh approximately 900-1000 lbs live with an average hanging weight of 540- 600 lbs. A half of a beef will yield approximately 285 – 336 lbs of meat. Processing is a separate charge. B-W Meat Processing currently charges $.68/lb for processing, $60/hd slaughtering, and $16/hd offal disposal. Total you can expect to pay is around $1140 for a half of beef plus $189 for processing for a total of $1329 or $8.86/lb of take home meat.

A $100 deposit is required for purchase and can be paid by check and sent to E & K Heritage Farm 16924 Udall Rd. Altoona, KS 66710 or through PayPal at paypal.me/Ethan89/100
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