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My approval (at the bottom of the blue card form) is to certify that my son/daughter has recently (within the last two years) had a physical examination and was judged by a physician to be physically fit to participate in the activity he/she is trying out for. A current physical is on file in the CAC Health Office.

My approval (at bottom of card) indicates that my son/daughter has permission to participate in the CAC Athletic Program as a member of an athletic team. The school is not liable for injuries incurred while the student is participating in the athletic program or the cost of medical care resulting from any injuries.

I release Cairo American College and its representatives from responsibility for all costs on my behalf and I give permission for the above named student to receive immediate medical attention by a physician while the student is in attendance at an athletic contest or practice.

I also understand that my son/daughter's athletic involvement requires that we participate in the reciprocal housing program necessary to conduct the school sports activities and tournaments. This responsibility will be met in cooperation with the CAC Athletic/Activities Director and Housing Coordinators, possibly in a season other than the one in which my son/daughter participates. If this housing requirement is not met, then your son/daughter will not be eligible to be considered for CAC traveling teams.

I have read and am aware of the contents of CAC's Athletic Code signed by my son/daughter.


Additionally, if chosen to represent CAC on a traveling team, I agree (by my approval at the bottom of the form) to allow my son/ daughter to travel with the team and I will pay the full Trip Cost for the trip. I understand that my son/daughter, once selected as part of the team, is committed to all practices, season games and end of season tournaments, both home and away from CAC.

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Each athlete at Cairo American College is responsible for all athletic equipment and uniforms issued to him/her by the Athletic Department. This equipment is for use only during practice and/or competition in the sport for which it was issued. It is not to be worn or used at other times unless instructed by the coach. It is the responsibility of the athlete to return all equipment and uniforms issued to them upon completion of the sport season. If equipment or uniforms are stolen, lost, damaged or not returned, the athlete will be held responsible for the total replacement cost (including shipping) of the item(s).
1. Student Conduct and Behavior: Athletes are expected to demonstrate personal integrity as indicated by CAC’s five bedrock values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility. They must abide by all the AMAC and ISST conduct and curfew rules on all athletic trips (including home tournaments).

2. Eligibility:

a) Academic Standing
To stay in good academic standing, all students must maintain a grade point average of 1.7 or higher and have no failing quarter grades. Good academic standing is required for students who wish to participate in athletic, performing arts and activity co-curricular programs.

b) Participation
Eligibility to participate is based on reports. In order to participate in athletic, performing arts and activity co-curricular programs, students:

• Must have a minimum of a 1.7 grade point average and have no failing grades during the evaluation period.
• May not exceed the minimum attendance requirement due to travel. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor whether traveling will jeopardize his/her ability to meet the 85 percent minimum attendance requirement, calculated per semester.
• A student may not withdraw from a course in order to travel.
• Students participating in athletic, activity or performing arts events hosted by CAC must meet the Travel Eligibility requirements outlined above.
• Because of travel arrangements, visas, housing and commitments to affiliated organizations (ISTA, ISST, AMAC etc.) if progress reports are published within 15 calendar days of a tournament, festival or conference. Students who were previously eligible can continue to participate regardless of their academic standing in the next quarter.

The student must also ensure that travel with a team does not cause him/her to exceed the maximum number of allowable days missed in any one class. Please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook for a more detailed explanation.

3. Attendance: Attendance at all practices and games is mandatory. The coach should be notified before the practice session if an athlete will not be able to attend. In addition, athletes are expected in school on days of games, trips, and the day after returning from an athletic trip.

4. Personal Health: The use of tobacco products and the use of alcohol are harmful to athletic performance. Any athlete caught using or being under the influence of tobacco or alcohol at any school-sponsored activity (including all sport trips, home games or practices, field trips or other school functions) will be immediately removed from that team for the remainder of the season.

5. Drugs: CAC prohibits the use, possession, sale, or distribution of illegal drugs (or legal drugs used in an abusive manner), drug paraphernalia or alcohol on campus and on any school-sponsored trip or activity. If an athlete is suspected of violating this policy, it will be reported to the administration for investigation. If verified, the athlete will automatically be removed from the team for the remainder of the season. In addition, he/she may be barred from participation in athletics for the remainder of the school year. This decision will be made by the Athletic and Activities Director.

If a violation occurs during an away athletic trip, the coach will take the most appropriate action.
This would include, but is not limited to one of the following:
1. Notify the parents and place the athlete on the next available flight to Cairo at the athlete's expense.
2. Remove the athlete from the host school housing and place him/her in the coach’s hotel at the athlete's expense.
3. Allow the athlete to remain on the trip but not take part in the activities.

Procedures for dealing with infractions:
A. The Coach or sponsor will make a full report in writing to the Athletic and Activities Director immediately upon return from the trip during which the infraction occurred.
B. The Athletic and Activities Director will inform the Division Principal immediately. The Principal will then inform the student’s parents that an inquiry is underway.
C. A review board composed of the Athletic and Activities Director, the HS Principal, the HS Assistant Principal and the coach or sponsor will convene as soon as possible to review the reported infraction and decide on the action to be taken.
D. Each meeting will follow the agenda listed below:
1. Statement of the issue
2. Student’s response
3. Questioning of student
4. Questioning of sponsor/ coach
5. Discussion with sponsor and student (student excused after)
6. Group discussion
7. Decision
8. Student and parents notified of outcome

These regulations shall be followed by all students participating in tournaments and other athletic events. Any student who participates in a tournament event agrees to obey the regulations.

1. Students shall obey all instructions given them by their host parents and their coaches as if these instructions were given to them by their own parents. This applies to all activities, irrespective of location, undertaken during the period of the tournament or competition.

2. Students must remember that they represent their school, community, family and home country at all times during the event tour. Behavior must represent these groups in a positive manner.

3. Students will demonstrate fair play and respect at all times to opponents, officials, coaches, spectators, parents and all personnel encountered during the event tour.

4. Smoking, any other use of tobacco, the drinking of alcohol, and the use of drugs are not permitted.

5. Housing arrangements made by the responsible official of the host school may not be changed. Students and parents may not contact the host school family to change assigned housing. Housing is the sole responsibility of the host school.

6. Students must be in the home of the host parent by the curfew hour set by the school.

7. Neither host families nor students may negotiate changes to the host tournament regulations for students with respect to curfew, housing arrangements, the use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs or any other rules or provisions set forth by the host school.

8. These regulations apply to all students; both those from the host school and those visiting, throughout the duration and, for visiting students, apply also during the journey to and from the site of the event.

Violation of these regulations will be reported to the responsible tournament official and to the student's school administrator.

My Child and I understand and accept that these guidelines and procedures are the rules governing the student-athlete during the time of participation, commencing with the first try-out and continuing until the conclusion of the season. *
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