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Is there something problematic and inequitable about the sector or in fundraising and philanthropy that you really want to speak out on or share a story about? Are there cool things that are happening at your organization or in your community that you want to share? We want to hear from you!

If you haven't submitted a pitch before, please ensure you have read our CCF Editorial Principles list to understand what we are and aren't looking for:
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Name as you'd like it to appear. *
Please read our section in the Principles document regarding bylines and writing anonymously. We do prefer our content writers to submit content with their real names (we consider chosen names to be real names regardless of what may be on your legal papers), but will consider a pseudonym for safety.
We want to be sure that we refer to you correctly in our Rewind email and social media. Please share your pronouns with us.
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CCF is committed to centering BIPOC voices and perspectives and will balance our hub to be about 75% BPOC voices and about 25% content from white folks. This may mean that your piece will be put on hold, but we still want to hear from you.
Please share how your piece follows the principle of own voices, if applicable.
We are committed to the principle of own voices. This means the pieces that refer to marginalized groups and their experiences are created by people who share that identity. Pieces that follow the principle of own voices reflects the contributors' own lived experiences and perspectives. If the piece doesn't follow own voices, please consider whether your proposed piece is your story to tell or if you need to consider finding a co-contributor with lived experience.
Type of piece you are pitching: *
What is your pitch? *
Let us know what you intend to cover. 2-5 sentences should be fine, but feel free to expand if you feel it's necessary.
Do you have specific timing for your piece?
We will do our best to accommodate pieces that have to do with holidays or time of the year, but we can't make any promises.
What happens next...
Chris, our editor, will reach out to let you know either:

1. Yes! We love that idea and would like to pursue it, at which point you would create your piece, setting your own deadlines.
2. Maybe. We love that idea, but another person has offered the same pitch recently, so we want to know more about what will make yours unique. Or, we love that idea, but we have a few concerns we want to address before you start.
3. Not yet. It's a great idea, but we either have just published something similar, we need to platform other voices right now, or for another reason, we're going to have to hold back on this piece at the moment.
4. No. While it may be an important topic, it isn't quite right for The Hub or doesn't follow our principles.

Either way, Chris will be in touch! Thank you so much for submitting your pitch!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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