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Hyderabad Python User Group (HydPy) is a community driven group to promote Python in Hyderabad. HydPy has been conducting monthly Meetups & workshops in Hyderabad for last 2 years and it has over 5000 members. We work together with other communities in particular python and in general Open Source Software (OSS) related groups within Hyderabad and the rest of India to further expand the usage and increase users of OSS. HydPy is a recognized regional community by Python Software Society India (PSSI) and global Python Software Foundation(PSF).

We would need your support in conducting meetups, workshops, mentoring for open source projects, conducting conferences and collaborations with other communities.

This is a speaker form. Please fill all the relevant fields. We will use this data to arrange Talks/Workshops whenever or wherever opportunities arise. For any questions, please write to hydpy@python.org
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