Project Me Reader Questionnaire: Sept. 2017
To mark the 4th birthday of Project Me I'd like to get to know you better and find out what you'd like out of future blogs, newsletters and offerings so I can make Project Me even BETTER for you! To thank you for your time, you'll be entered into a prize draw at the end. (You may also keep your questionnaire anonymous if you choose.)

Ready, steady... GO!

How long have you been following Project Me?
Are you familiar with the Project Me concept? (ie: using the Project Me Life Wheel® each month to do an assessment of where your life is presently in or out of balance so you know what could use some focus?)
Do you subscribe to the Project Me newsletter?
Would you prefer to receive Project Me newsletters...
Which day/s of the week are you most likely to open and read a Project Me newsletter?
Do you follow Project Me on any of these social media channels? (Check all that apply.)
Would you like me to start a Project Me Instagram Account?
Which of these 8 Key Life Areas would you like to read helpful blog posts about? (Check all that apply.)
Which of these Key Life Areas would you MOST like to read about in the very near future? (Choose one.) You may use the 'other' area to get more specific about what's challenging you.
I'm presently creating an online course to specifically help with the Productivity & Time Management area of your life. Is this of interest to you?
How many children do you have? (Include step-children if they are a big part of your life.)
How old is your child / children? (check all that apply)
How old are you? (If you don't mind saying!)
Where in the world do you live? (Please excuse me if I haven't listed your part of the world! Use the 'other' box to tell me where you're at.)
Although I'm originally from the USA, I'm presently based in London in the UK. Does it bother you if I use British spellings / expressions or occasionally reference offerings that are available for UK / London area mums?
If you'd like to be entered into my 4th Birthday Prize Draw, which prize would you most like to win? (Choose just one!)
To be entered into the draw, choose one option above and type your name and email below. (All five winners will be announced on October 2nd.)
Your answer
Finally - is there anything else you'd like to tell me? I'm all ears!
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