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Wikitroid, the Metroid wiki ( is currently exploring the possibility of forking off of Wikia and becoming independently hosted. This has the benefits of granting us better creative control over our content, and technical control over the tools we use to build this excellent resource for you.

One of our goals is to not rely on advertising to pay for the site. Wikia's ads can be quite intrusive and distracting at times, so we'd like to avoid running ads on an independently hosted Wikitroid if at all possible. Unfortunately, it still costs a considerable amount of money to host a site like Wikitroid, so we plan to instead rely on donations from readers like you.

We currently plan to use a Patreon (or another Patreon-like system of small, monthly donations) to perform this fundraising, and we are interested in seeing how much interest the community has in supporting us in this manner. We are currently looking at an estimated $150-$300 per month in operating costs, though this may vary wildly in either direction; we won't really know for sure until after we perform the move. Likewise, this strawpoll will help us see what kinds of systems we can afford to use and will help us plan for the move. Note that perks will be provided to donors; however, they will not be granted any additional administrative privileges or editorial control over wiki content than what is granted to all editors already. Currently, the plan is for 100% of income from donations to be dedicated to paying for servers; monthly excesses should we receive them will be kept in reserve. Having paid staff may be a necessity in the future, depending on the maintenance requirements of the infrastructure to support the wiki; however, this will only be done after consulting donors, and paid staff will be limited to system administration and technical support positions; editing the wiki and editorial control will remain entirely volunteer activities (similar to the relationship between Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation).

This survey will only take a few minutes to complete. Please note that everything you enter is non-binding - you won't be required or obligated to donate to us regardless of what you enter here. However, since we will be using what you enter to guide our decisions in the future, please only complete this survey if you are reasonably sure that you will be able to make a recurring monthly donation to us when the time comes, and only indicate the amount you are reasonably sure you will be able to donate at that time.

Finally, so we can get an accurate estimate of how much support we can expect, please only submit this survey once. You will be able to change your responses after you submit by coming back to this survey while logged in to the same Google account as you are logged in to now. Survey results are anonymous.

On behalf of the editors and admins of Wikitroid, thank you very much for your participation!

Monthly Donation Amount *
Please enter how much you are reasonably sure you will be able to donate to Wikitroid on a monthly basis. Please enter the amount in US Dollars (USD) *only*. If you need to convert from your local currency to USD, you can use this currency converter: If you are not able to donate but would like to help out in other ways, please watch the wiki for our official announcement of the vote to become independent within the next couple of months, and/or please consider joining our Discord server at
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