IA Path Adjuster Job Fair Booth Application
This is an application for IA Path to set up your virtual booth for our twice annual IA Path Adjuster Job Fair. WE'll use this information to get the booth started and bring in your lead contact to manage the booth. From there you can customize, contact, and control your booth and your leads.
What is your company name? *
If your company has a website what is the web address?
What is your name? *
Who at your company do you want to be in charge of your virtual booth? *
What is their email? *
What state(s) or region does your company handle claims in? Please put Nationwide if in most or all states.(If you aren't a claims company please explain the type of company you are here: "Technology" or "Adjuster Tool" as an example) *
What type of claims does your company handle? (check all that apply) *
Do you give IA Path permission to download and use your logo for your booth, branding, and marketing? This is required for us to set up your booth *
Will you have someone representing your company available for live video interviews and or questions on July12th-14th 5-8pm (EST)? *
Thank You!
Thank you for applying for an IA Path Adjuster Job Fair Booth. You can email Support@IAPath.com if you have any questions. We will review your application and reach out with any further questions and notify you if approved.
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