DarcyF1 Staff - Expression of Interest
DarcyF1 has a standing invitation for its users to join the staff team. Your submission will be reviewed and any response will be provided via DarcyF1 Messages.
The team are responsible for a range of moderation tasks including approving uploads from members, responding to reported problems and correcting video information.
Joining the staff team is voluntary, but frequent participation is required. Inactive members of staff will be relegated.
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Which staff roles would you be able to fill?
Please describe why you want to, and can assist as a member of DarcyF1 staff
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Staff Agreement
As a member of staff, you will have access to change the content available to visitors on the website.
You must not share your account with any other person, and take all reasonable steps to ensure that your DarcyF1 account is secure.
Generally, you must do what is best for DarcyF1 in all your actions as a staff member and work collaboratively with other DarcyF1 staff members to enhance the website.
Generally, do not use or abuse your staff access to damage DarcyF1, or benefit yourself.
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