Friday Night Lights 19.1 Challenge 1
Challenge 1 for FNL 19.1 is a max attempt at balancing on the wobble board.

***You get 3 attempts and all 3 are recorded.

***All attempts must be consecutive with no rest - fall off, get back on again.

***NO practice attempts, put the board on the ground and 3...2...1...GO

***Attempts must NOT be during scheduled class times. (This means that if you are in a 530 class, don't attempt it after class - before class is more suitable)

***Record the times for all 3 attempts in SECONDS ONLY - no words

***Scores need to be entered by 8 pm Wednesday 3rd July

Watch the video here to see how it is to be done.

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Max Wobble Board Hold - Attempt 1
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Max Wobble Board Hold - Attempt 3
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