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Hemp & Kenaf Fibre Bio-Composite Case, FOB $190 USD plus freight and taxes (when required), Discount price FOB $182 USD (Full Business/Regular Member HIA, CHTA or other Hemp non-profit members). Final pricing will be confirmed before invoicing or shipping. Shipping averages $45 USD.

Hemp Laptop Case (hemp / kenaf) Briefcase / Hard Case / Laptop Case / Notebook Case

This case is ideal as a Laptop-Case or Hemp Showcase. Cases are made from hemp, kenaf and are needled together with polypropylene. The materials are characterized as having high stability, extreme heat and cold resistance with a low weight.

The case is perfect as laptop cases. A Velcro strap ensures secure attachment of a laptop or files.

The new edition is equipped with a well-padded shoulder strap. This is fixed with metal hoes optimally and securely to the case. This allows convenient and safe transport of the laptop.

The inner side is padded and covered with black velvet. Hook-and-loop closures guarantees the safe latching of the Laptop or documents. In the top cover is a removable bag for documents.

The carrier-material is a natural-fiber/polypropylene compound fleece. It consists of different natural long-fibers ( hemp and kenaf) which are needled by polypropylene fibers ( 30% hemp, 20% kenaf, 50% polypropylene) . The transparent outer decor foil is made from polyamide. The inner decor material is made from 80% cotton and 20% synthetic fibers.

The color can vary depending on your screen calibration.
Interior fittings: padded, grey velvet lining
Lower case half: padded notebook compartment with practical fixing strap and velcro, to hold the notebook in place during transport
Suitable for notebooks with a diagonal screen size up to 39 cm (15,4“)
Upper case half: a removable, padded A4 velcro bag ensures perfect order
This provide space for any number of accessories such as, for example, for presentation documentation, writing materials, a mouse, USB sticks or external Hard drives and keyboard, and much more.
Also suitable for small notebooks with a diagonal screen size of up to 36 cm (14“)
Optimal stability and protection against vibration thanks to a unique fibre structure
Fixed close with two toggle hinge locks
Comfortable to carry: study case grip
Removable, adjustable carry strap with anti-slip shoulder padding
Fixed in place with two snap hooks

Measures: L 420 x W 320 x H 100 mm
Material: 30% hemp / 20% kenaf / 50% polypropylene
Products weight: 1.00 kg

The case logo labels- You can work directly with Scott's Trophy (this was a referral from Ah Werner at Cannabis Basics). They can create custom flexibrass logos and banding for your case!!

Scott’s Trophy 1115 NW 46th street Seattle Wa, 98107 Phone 206-706-1711

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